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Creating a Foundation of Learning for Your Children


The healthy, social, emotional and psychological development of young children is very important. Many studies show that a child's first five years set the foundation for the rest of their lives. Whether the child is a baby or preschool age, the environment has a tremendous impact on the child; so our efforts are dedicated to creating a place where these years can be a positive, beneficial, learning experience.

At A Step by Step, we are committed to fulfilling this purpose in our small, intimate setting, where we deem it best to accomplish this goal. With our carefully chosen, qualified team of professionals and low classroom ratios, we are able to give individualized attention to each child. We believe this is valuable to the growth of every child, and it allows us to focus on creating strong and positive relationships with parents and the children in our care.

Knowing the critical impact the early years have on your child, it is our goal to offer a program that meets the needs of each child, while providing a healthy, loving, and supportive environment to make the first five years an unforgettable, memorable experience.  

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