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It is important that we offer differentiated instructional methods in an effort to reach each child's highest potential. Our curriculum was formulated on the understanding that every child does not learn the same,  therefore we incorporate multiple theories within our curriculum.  While, "learning through play" is essential to the healthy development of children, we also understand that academic preparedness is necessary for elementary school success.  

As an Early Childhood Preparatory School, our curriculum offers differentiated instruction to reach each child academically in an effort to prepare them for their formal educational years. With our STEM (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics) approach, children of all ages and stages are exposed to higher thinking and problem solving skills that encourage a lifetime of learning.

We also incorporate enrichment classes into our program to expose children to other art, physical, social emotional and developmental opportunities, that can peak interest at an early age. Learning through play is accomplished in many of our core subjects using the Creative Curriculum approach, however we strive to achieve academic success and ensure elementary school readiness.

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