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Teaching and Learning Beyond the Classroom

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment activities take learning a step further than the normal classroom curriculum, allowing students to be creative and put into practice their natural gifts, talents, and passions. Children are offered an comprehensive approach through our enrichment classes and activities that consist of foreign language, sports, health, fitness and music, that are designed to increase language skills, athleticism, the arts and maintaining healthy lifestyles. 


Educational Sports Programs

"The more active we are, the more we can do! Structured physical activity helps keep our bodies fit, our minds sharp, and our attention focused. Early childhood is the best time to establish a firm foundation for skillful movement. Everyday activities like playing, dancing, running, and more rely on important motor skills.

Plus, studies show early motor skill confidence and competence combined with enjoyment of physical activity increases opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, and social advancement the rest of our lives! Children are empowered by using sports as a catalyst to engage their inner strengths and abilities so they can confidently pursue an active lifestyle through each stage of development."

Sports Introduction:

"Encourage kids to explore and develop a variety of athletic skills through the introduction of 10 different sports. Coaches break the fundamental of each sport down into simple steps based on each child’s age and ability. The goal is to create a fun environment that establishes lifetime connections to sports and physical activity".

Starter Nutrition:

"To keep healthy and active, our bodies need the right kind of fuel. Studies show it can take up to 15 or 20 introductions of any one food item before children will be willing to try or accept the new food. The nutrition program introduces the children to 16 different fruits and vegetables as well as important vitamins and minerals so that they go home excited about trying new, healthy foods".

Body Awareness:

"Strength training keeps children and adults physically healthy and prevents the risk of osteoporosis and other bone-threatening conditions as we age. We teach children to name and identify 10 major muscles key to maintaining good gross-motor movement and body wellness".


Introduction to Spanish

Foreign Language instruction in our curriculum is designed to immerse our children in Spanish language by well trained native speakers. We give students a front row seat to cultural experiences, fun, music and arts." Spanish Enrichment if offered to tots, preschool and pre-k students, providing robust and carefully crafted curriculum and activities that build a foundation for children to obtain language and literacy while also gaining exposure to diverse experiences and expanding their community.

Music Together

In our music enrichment the teacher offers a joyful music making in a warm, encouraging and fun environment. Using nursery rhymes, circle songs, movement and games, we will introduce concepts of music (like tone and beat) and practice important life skills (such as turn taking and building self-confidence) all while fostering community and friendships. It is never too early to instill a love for music!

Martial Arts

Martial Arts Enrichment is designed to introduce basic Chinese concepts and skills, while stimulating brain development and allowing children to acquire new physical capabilities. Research suggests that by age 5, approximately 90% of neural pathways in the brain are already established. Movement is a critical component for building neurological pathways. Through martial arts children learn: balance, posture, alertness, concentration, strength, coordination, stretching, basic kicks, respect
and much more!

Yoga / Barre


This class supports in sharing breath-work, EFT-Therapy, guided meditations. It targets key muscles groups, increases flexibility, opens the hips & supports in balance.


We prepare children for future training in all styles of dance by teaching the fundamental techniques of different dance styles as this can lead to developing a well-rounded dancer. This term we will begin with Barre - Ballet inspired movements using
yoga & Pilates.

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