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Supporting Your Child’s Academic, Emotional and Physical Growth

A baby must crawl before they can walk and a child must walk before they can run. With each step they take, they are continually growing and developing. At A Step by Step Learning Academy, your child’s growth will be encouraged, as they embark on every milestone at their very own pace, through hands on learning, playing and the early development of life skills.

We recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles and personalities. By offering a STEM based learning program, weekly enrichment courses, and multiple avenues of play based, educational opportunities; our curriculum is designed to cater to every learning style. Our highly-qualified teachers and staff are committed to working within each child's comfort zone to ensure optimal social, emotional, developmental and educational results. 

We service children 6 weeks - 6 years in our full and part week programs, and offer tutoring services to school-age children. Classes are kept to a low student-teacher ratio and fill up quickly.

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